Cemetery special 2 300x183"It’s the real estate trend to die for.", according to Prue Miller writing for the Daily Telegraph. Prue reckons she made a rather unsettling discovery online. Sandwiched between ads for good-as-new Nutri Bullets and baby car capsules are gravesite ads. Yes, burial plots are quite the hot real estate item these days and as apparently unsavoury a topic as this is, it raises the question:

hat are we doing with the mortal remains of our family and friends?

I’m sure I’m not the only person who (guiltily) has the ashes of a loved one reposing rather unceremoniously in the house somewhere. Lurking in a closet, on a shelf, under a bed — we are hanging onto mortal remains.

But why?

Well, for a start, being buried is enormously expensive. You think a high rise beachside apartment in Sydney’s beachside Bondi is exxie — try buying eight cubic metres underground in the surrounding suburbs. You’ll get no change from $8,000 and may be looking at as much as $20,000 for a single plot.

Someone dies and suddenly you’re looking at a cost equivalent to that of a new car, for the repose of a dead relative. And you’d better be prepared to haggle.

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