monumentmasonMonumental masons say their work is under threat in South Australia with the cemetery authority looking to control who supplies headstones and monuments at Adelaide's Centennial Park.

For the first time a tender has been called for the supply of granite as well as monuments and headstones for a new section of the cemetery, which would include "designer headstones", mausoleums and family crypts.


The president of the Monumental Masons Association of South Australia, Eva Treen, has told 891 ABC Adelaide that under the proposed changes there would be a risk the public would have no choice but to buy the monument through the cemetery.

Ms Treen said local masons would be squeezed out.

"Centennial Park is opening up two new areas ... they're opening up a new vault section where there will be 72 vaults in the first instance and approximately 300 designer headstones," she said.

he chief executive officer of the Centennial Park Cemetery Authority, Bryan Elliott, said a decision on the sale of headstones and monuments had not been made.

"We are in the process of a public tender for the supply of granite to certain parts of our cemetery including the potential for supplying Centennial Park into the new section," Mr Elliott said.

Source & Full Story: ABC News