cemeteryplaquesThe UK's Daily Mail reports "A scrap metal dealer who bought hundreds of bronze memorial plaques that were stolen from cemeteries has been jailed for 15 months." According to the report Joseph Collier, 72, was found guilty last month of taking the stolen metal and cutting it up in to unidentifiable pieces that he sold on.

Some of the plaques were still screwed to the stakes used to plant them at cemeteries across south London including Croydon, Teddington, Putney Vale and Beckenham. 

And footage shown to the jury during Collier's six-day trial at Croydon Crown Court showed some of the pieces were still caked with fresh mud and grass.

Today he was told that the worth of the plaques 'can't be valued in monetary terms' and that their theft 'would have caused distress' to the loved ones of the deceased. 

Police raided Collier's DSM Scrap Metal Yard in Croydon in May 2012 as part of a London-wide crackdown on metal theft. 

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