A MUSLIM cemetery at Marulan could still be a reality if Sydney Islamic group the Al Mabarrat Society has its way, according to the Goulburn Post.

The article continues "The Society submitted a development application to council in 2013 which raised concerns for many Marulan residents. The application was subsequently rejected by Council’s Planning Department.

However, a revised Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) and development application were resubmitted to Council by the Society last week.

The Statement was drawn up by Sydney planning firm Smyth Planning.

Smyth Planning’s Chief Town Planning Consultant Richard Smyth told the Post that there were some key differences between the updated SEE and the previous statement they submitted in 2013."

“The previous application was carried out on the basis of gaining access to the site from 15213 Hume Highway,” Mr Smyth said.


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