Article from the American Cemetery Magazine - December 2013 page 12

The winner of the American Cemetery Excellence Award 2013 is Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria.  

There is no doubt Springvale Botanical Cemetery has come a long way from that once isolated and impoverished rural cemetery, served by a poorly patronized mortuary train.  Located 19 miles from Melbourne, the state of Victoria, Australia, Springvale spans 422 acres and is arguably Australia's most beautiful memorial park.  Home to more than 80,000 established trees, sweeping lawns, landscaped gardens and cascading water features, this botanical cemetery provides many beautiful ways to honor and celebrate life.  It is any wonder that Springvale Botanical Cemetery has been selected as our third annual American Cemetery Excellence winner?  

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CCA congratulates Springvale Botanical Cemetery for winning this award.

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