November 15 2013, by Alicia Wood Political Reporter


A GRAVE might no longer be your final resting place after a controversial law to offer graves on 10-year to 99-year leases passed its first hurdle in the NSW parliament.

A group of 25 NSW Coalition MPs, including the Premier, did not show up to vote on the controversial law which puts time limits on burial plots.


Under the changes, graves across NSW will be "leased" for either 10, 25 or 99 years, after which another body can be buried in the plot.

Planning Minister Brad Hazzard alerted MPs by email there would be a vote on the bill only 30 minutes before it was due to take place - around 6pm on Wednesday.

The Premier, some ministers and MPs said they had leave to attend other events but coalition sources said a "contingent" refused to vote because of serious concerns with "time limits" on graves.

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