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U.S. Based Matthews International Extends And Expands Long Term Representation and Manufacturing Agreement With Austeng Australia Engineering and Manufacturing Company


APOPKA, Fla. – Matthews Cremation, a division of Matthews International Corp. and leading manufacturer and supplier of environmentally-driven cremation solutions, has announced that it has entered into diverse long term agreements with the Australia based engineering and manufacturing company Austeng.

This agreement enables Austeng to continue to service its existing clients in the Australian market with Matthews' products such as the Joule cremator. Acting as Matthews' representative, Austeng’s expanded presence will include a diverse cremation systems product line, filtration systems, supplies, service, pet crematories, pet loss memorial products, ash processor’s and the Bio Cremation™ System. The Australian market will now have access to the design upgrades and advancements from the five (5) Matthews brands from across the globe.

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