Goulburn Council planners have posed a raft of questions on the community’s behalf about Marulan’s proposed Islamic Cemetery.

In an August 27 letter to consultants Smyth Planning, they have also asked the applicant to address several “inadequacies” in the development application.

Many in the community, including the Marulan Residents Action Group are concerned about the size of a prayer hall (1400 square metres) proposed for the site and whether this is “ancillary” to the main use.

Consultant Richard Smyth told the Post it was ancillary but in a letter to Council he’s pointed out the actual prayer hall is 600sqm, comprising 400sqm for males and 200sqm for females. The rest of the area includes verandas, corridors, amenities and office and body washing area, Mr Smyth advised.

Council planners have also asked for more detail on the Al Mabarrat Society’s body washing procedures, burial practices and whether the prayer hall would be used to observe significant religious events.

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