The NSW Heritage Council has declared the Maitland Jewish Cemetery as having historical importance as it is “the earliest and largest dedicated Jewish cemetery in NSW”, and proposed to list the cemetery on its register.

There have been 53 burials mostly between 1849 and 1909 and 46 of the original headstones are still standing.

The Heritage Council states: “It is a rare surviving example that demonstrates the traditions and rituals of life and  death in the Jewish community. The location of the cemetery, the positioning of the grave sites and the form, design and style of the monuments demonstrate the community’s adherence to their faith and the importance of observing traditions when laying their dead to rest. The cemetery is a physical record of the Jewish community in the region and its survival demonstrates the ongoing public interest and connection to the place.

Plans are now at the submission stage which has a September 17 deadline.

Source: J-Wire