It is reported from Park City, Utah, that the parents of a young boy who died after a headstone fell on him in Glenwood Cemetery in 2012 filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, claiming the association that oversees the cemetery was negligent in the way it attempted to keep the grounds safe.


Zachary Cheney and Hilary Cheney, who are from Lehi, seek more than $300,000 from the Glenwood Cemetery Association in the lawsuit, which was filed in Third District Court at Silver Summit. No court dates have been scheduled.

The lawsuit claims the Cheney family was at the cemetery on July 5, 2012. The father was shooting photos of another family and Carson Cheney, who was 4 years old, "was trying to make the children being photographed smile," according to the lawsuit. Carson Cheney hid behind a headstone of a man who died in 1889 and "would pop out suddenly" to try to garner smiles, the lawsuit claims.

The headstone he was hiding behind then suddenly fell even though the boy only lightly touched it, the lawsuit says. The families rushed to his aid and removed the four-foot-tall headstone from on top of him, but he suffered severe injuries, including to the head, the parents claim in the lawsuit.

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Lehi child dies after headstone falls on top of him