The Necropolis Springvale (Vic), a provider of cremation and burial services in Victoria placed advertisements in an Asian newspaper, offering the Springvale Botanical Cemetery as a last resting place to those from overseas.

It said: 'The recently announced Phase 2 of the Kwong Hou Sua Teochew Cemetery Exhumation Programme will prompt families to consider alternatives. It is possible to bury or place cremated remains within the Song He Yuan in Springvale Botanical Cemetery.'

The cemetery sits on a 167ha site, which has had more than 130,000 full body burials since 1901.

Mr Russ Allison, chief executive officer of Necropolis, told The New Paper: 'Based on the current rate of land use, there are over 40 years of supply of graves left. We created the Song He Yuan in 2003 to cater to our growing traditional Chinese community.

Source: AsiaOneNews