656145-camperdownAs I observe so many NSW councils struggling to maintain decaying and crumbling Crown Lands cemeteries, I've wondered what case they could make to the State Government to hand those cemeteries back, or simply refuse to care for them? Something like that seems to be happening in Queensland-

Toowoomba Regional Council is reported in the The Chronicle to be holding firm on its stance to leave upkeep of the Oakey cemetery to the state government .


Councillor Ros Scotney said that after the trustees of the Oakey cemetery chose to step back from their roles last year, the responsibility for upkeep of the cemetery fell to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

However, a DNRM spokesperson said Toowoomba Regional Council was currently maintaining the site along with some trustees.

TRC passed a resolution in August, stating that council would not agree to voluntarily accept responsibility for dissolved cemetery trusts unless State Government funding was received.

Cr Scotney said that decision remained in place.

Source: Toowoomba "The Chronicle"