The Herald Sun reported on Sunday a Brisbane funeral director had pleaded guilty to 59 charges of making a false statement concerning a register of births, deaths or marriages, 15 counts of forgery and 15 counts of uttering registration documents. On appeal by the Police, thefuneral director was given a two-year wholly suspended prison sentence, operational for three years for 59 charges of making a false statement.  The judge dismissed the 15 forgery and 15 uttering offences.

 "A BRISBANE funeral director who loaded up coffins in his car and drove 59 bodies to Rockhampton, where cremations were cheaper, has had his sentence increased after a police appeal.

 Anthony William James made a profit of $30,426, less travel expenses, by driving four bodies at a time more than 600 kilometres north, Brisbane District Court has heard.

Between December 2009 and May 2011, 59 bodies that should have been cremated at Mt Gravatt or Logan crematoriums were taken to Rockhampton, where individual cremations cost $250.

The Elysian Field Funerals director had made written agreements with families that their loved ones would be cremated in southeast Queensland, the court was told."

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