Nni20130227D27HH051173601TOKYO - Nikkei.com reports--Residents of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture, breathed a sigh of relief when reconstruction work on a city-run crematorium there that was devastated by the March 2011 tsunami was finally completed on Jan. 28.

But even before that, in the days and weeks following the disaster, there was relief when swift efforts to patch up the battered facility made it possible to cremate the bodies of hundreds of victims, saving them from having to be temporarily buried in makeshift graves.

After the tsunami hit, six towns and cities in Miyagi Prefecture, including Ishinomaki, were forced to bury their dead until they could find operational crematoriums because of the widespread damage to such facilities. About 22%, or 2,108, of those killed in the prefecture had to go through this process.

Sourced from this English language article at NIKKEI.COM