Over the weekend the Geelong Advertiser reported:

GeelongMausoleum01-600x450"FORTY people have already booked places for above-ground burial in Geelong's second mausoleum, a week ahead of its formal opening.

Geelong Cemeteries Trust chief executive Darryl Thomas welcomed the endorsement of the $1.2 million building at Eastern Cemetery.


"It's all been very positive, we haven't had to go out to the community and market this at all," Mr Thomas said.

"It has all been by word of mouth."

The new mausoleum mirrors another opened at Eastern Cemetery in September 2009 following more than a decade of community consultation and advocacy by Italian community members.

It contains 105 crypts lining three walls, each accompanied by a vigil lamp and available for between $20,100 and $27,920 apiece."


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