News from Geraldton, WA, that a crematorium worker charged with unlawful disposal of human bones faced Geraldton Magistrates Court today is interesting. Detectives allege Ronald Anthony Slater, 51, discarded left over bones fragments from the crematorium process in bushland on cemetery in Geraldton over a 14 month period.

 Police say the fragments are unable to be identified in any way as DNA was destroyed through the cremation process.

Mr Slater has been charge with Misconduct with Regard to Corpses and has not yet been required to enter a plea. (SOURCE: ABC News)

 In the context of a visit to one of our cemeteries last week where I discovered cremated remains had been strewn without authority over a an area containg the burial of several children, and the communities generally relaxed attitudes about where and how they dispose of cremated remains, I wonder what the implications are if the accused is found guilty?