According to the Australian newspaper, "DIY is the new way to RIP with cash-strapped Australians becoming more hands-on when burying their dead."


The article in the Weekend Australian goes on...

Queenslanders will soon be able to shop for a "right fit" cut-price coffin as a monster funeral store heads our way.

With casket lay-bys and red-hot floor specials, Coffin World is coming to Queensland. It opened in Melbourne last month and investors are planning to expand to Queensland in early 2013.

One of the men behind the venture, Sambo Sab, believes we are about to see the death of the funeral as we know it and he wants Australians to take more control and save thousands on funeral costs.

Queenslanders pay an average of $9000 for a burial and $5000 for a cremation.


Source: The Australian