Local government cemetery administrators will know there is never enough money. Increasingly councils are differentiating funding levels to their cemeteries, largely depending on their operational status. Port Stephens Council also reckons this might be the way forward:


The Port Stephens Examiner reports that funding for Port Stephens cemeteries could be split into two categories with closed and historic sites getting the bare minimum while operational cemeteries would get enough "to attract customers".

The proposal comes after the section went through its sustainability review which aims to find savings but not cut services across the council.


In total cemeteries cost council about $237,000 a year to operate with the average cost of a burial plot in the area $740.

Based on a recent survey of all Hunter councils, Port Stephens plot costs are the third cheapest sitting behind Great Lakes Council which charges an average of $500 and Maitland which charges $658.

The most expensive is Lake Macquarie which charges $950 while Sandgate Cemetery, which is on Crown Land, costs $1735.

Source:The Port Stephens Examiner