Online Memorialisation:  The Web As A Collective Memorial Landscape For Remembering the Dead

The Fibreculture Journal features an article by Kylie Veale, Curtin University of Technology, on Online Memorialisation.   


“The life of the dead consists in being present in the minds of the living.” Cicero

In the last ten thousand years, our deceased antecedents are thought to number over one hundred billion (see Davies, 1994). Not much has been recorded about them, unless they were famous, rich or fortunate enough to have been catapulted into the memory of others. It was therefore up to the general public to ‘individualise’ the deaths of the rest through mortuary ritual, an accomplishment to which archaeologists and our cemeteries can attest today. Individualisation via memorialisation has become a way for past and current societies to commemorate life on the event of a death. To that end, memorialisation provides one of a group of artefacts used by historians, genealogists and the like to document history and family links.