Leanne Barnes, group manager of community and relations at Bega Valley Shire Council said all committees under Section 355, such as those who maintain halls and cemeteries, will undergo minor changes on the management of finances.

The changes, largely to ensure compliance with the Local Government Act, are causing concern among some of the community if according to newspaper reports.

“The main thing that’s going to change is their bank accounts won’t be individual any more but collectively managed,” Ms Barnes said. “Having said that there is no suggestion that anything improper has been going on.”

The accounts will be managed centrally for auditing and accountability, a requirement of Department of Local Council following an independent review of operations in 2006.

“We’re very reliant on our committees for their voluntary work,” Mrs Barnes said.

“Today there is so many more requirements with occupational health and safety and so on, we want to take away the responsibility for some of those and help our volunteers do what they do best.”

The full newspaper article is linked here.