Service Skills Australia (SSA) in consultation with the industry is currently conducting a review of the SIF08 Funeral Services Training Package to ensure that the Training Package meets both current and emerging industry skill needs.


The SIF08 Funeral Services Training Package was endorsed in August 2008 and will be reviewed under the continuous improvement process in 2012. SSA is in the process of researching what is really important for future skills development for the funeral services industry, and whether current qualifications need to be updated or changed in any way.


This continuous improvement process will provide an opportunity for industry, training organisations, employers, employees and anyone else with an interest in this training package to be involved and provide input into the future skills and knowledge requirements of the funeral services industry.


The first stage of the project involves seeking advice from stakeholders on their ideas regarding the training package to evaluate its currency and relevance for industry. An essential component of the maintenance and continuous improvement of any training package is an in-depth understanding of the emerging skills needs for the industry. For the funeral services industries this means not only understanding changes in technology, products and services but also includes workforce development trends such as changing work roles for typical jobs. Therefore, CCA seeks your comments on the SIF08 Funeral Services Training Package by 1 March 2012.


Further information on this review can be downloaded from the Service Skills Australia website.


We look forward to receiving your comments.