The Guaranteed Price Pre Paid Plan is no longer guaranteed, according to this Chicago financial report:

The funeral industry is reconsidering one of the biggest selling points of prepaid funeral contracts—locking in the price prior to death.

Escalating commodity costs combined with unprecedented declines in interest rates and stocks have stirred intense debate about funeral agreements that contain price guarantees for caskets, flowers, transportation, embalming, and other goods and services. In prepaid funeral arrangements, also known as pre-need agreements, customers set aside funds for their funeral and burial services before their deaths, and the money generally is placed in a trust account that bears interest.

Some funeral homes in Illinois and across the country recently have stopped offering guaranteed pre-need contracts, fearing that inflation in years ahead will outstrip earnings in the trust accounts. Under such a scenario, funeral homes assume the financial loss if in the future the trust account does not have enough money to cover funeral costs.