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NSW | Attendance at Weddings, funerals and religious ceremonies

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As of the 8th of January 2022 rules for people attending some events, including funerals, in NSW will change.


stock image covid updateAnyone can attend a wedding, funeral or place of worship. 

  • You are not required to be fully vaccinated or carry vaccination evidence.
  • Face masks are required for indoor premises, subject to exemptions.

COVID-19 Safe Check-in is required at places of worship, funerals, memorial services, or gatherings afterwards.

Density limits no longer apply to weddings, funerals or memorials. 

Effective 8 January, singing and dancing at hospitality venues is no longer permitted other than for wedding services and receptions.

Standing while drinking is permitted but it is strongly discouraged by NSW Health.

Restaurants and hospitality

Restaurants, cafes, hospitality venues and nightclubs in NSW are open.

Anyone can visit a restaurant, cafe, hospitality venue or nightclub. 

  • You are not required to be fully vaccinated or carry vaccination evidence
  • COVID-19 Safe Check-in is required at all hospitality venues
  • Face masks are required, subject to exemptions.

NSW Health strongly advises that patrons consider being seated while drinking.

Effective 8 January 2022, singing and dancing in hospitality venues and nightclubs will not be permitted other than for:

  • a performer who is performing or rehearsing on the premises; or 

  • a person who is instructing, or being instructed, in singing or dancing on the premises; or 

  • a wedding service or reception that is being held at a hospitality venue including a function centre. 

Density limits apply at indoor areas of hospitality venues and nightclubs.

Drinking indoors and outdoors may be seated or standing.

Examples of hospitality premises include casinos, restaurants, cafes, function centres, food courts, take away food and drink premises, kiosks, micro-breweries or small distilleries, cellar doors, pubs, registered clubs and small bars.


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