The NSW Government has officially included "End of Life" workers in its definitions of "Authorised Workers". The CCANSW welcomes the clarification.

 Health care and social assistance

  • a person who provides health services within the meaning of the Health Services Act 1997 (whether or not in the public or private sector) or a registered health practitioner or a person who works for a registered health practitioner (each a “health services provider”)
  • a person who provides ancillary or support services to the work of a “health services provider” (as defined above) (including, for example, cleaners, cooks and security providers at hospitals)
  • a person employed or engaged by the Department of Communities and Justice to provide housing or homelessness services
  • a community housing provider
  • a person employed or engaged to provide services to persons with disability or vulnerable persons
  • a person employed or engaged at a residential aged care facility
  • family violence and sexual assault services
  • veterinary services (including laboratory and diagnostic services and clinics)
  • animal welfare, care and accommodation services (excluding pet grooming unless there is an immediate animal welfare reason)
  • end of life services including funeral, crematorium and cemetery services, mortuaries and morgues, spiritual or religious services connected to end of life services