CCANSW member Woodwynd Consulting has kindly provided a COVID-19 Safety Management Plan for Funeral Operators. George Simpson of Woodwynd Consulting says the  he has been surprised by the amount of operators in the Funeral sector who are unsure about their responsibilities in managing gatherings at their premises during the current covid pandemic; "I'm sure that all operators are anxious during this time but just don't know what is expected of them, this is causing some confusion in the industry as their are many conflicting interpretations of the guidelines set out by the states and territories health departments, which ultimately leads to operators possibly not adhering to guidelines."

In an effort to give some clarity and guidance around some of these confusing areas George has  have published suggestions that operators may  use or adapt to help them reduce the possibility of infection while gatherings are taking place at their premises.

How to get the Plan

The COVID-19 Safety Management Plan for Funeral Operators is freely available here (below).

It is provided in accordance with the CCANSW Website Policy.

If you intend to use or adapt the plan please ensure the plan is appropriate for your jurisdiction and circumstances.


George Simpson, Woodwynd ConsultingGeorge Simpson is a dedicated and passionate Funeral industry professional with a career in the sector spanning 30 years. During his three decades in the industry, he has worked for some of the largest Funeral and Cemetery operators in the UK and Australia, performing a diverse range of roles, from Funeral Director, Regional Manager and Chief Executive Officer.




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