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  • A new grave has appeared in historic Green-Wood Cemetery (Brooklyn, USA). It won't contain a body. Instead it is a permanent installation for visitors to put secrets in themselves.

    “Here lie the secrets of the visitors of Green-Wood Cemetery” is etched into the cream marble of the obelisk marking the grave. At its base is a thin slot — a letter opening where slips of paper bearing secrets are to be slid into an underground chamber and taken, quite literally, to the grave.

  • This section contains articles and links to articles about all manner of art projects in cemeteries an memorial gardens

  • During the past week we tweeted and retweeted about urban cemeteries becoming the new art galleries, the need to talk about death, a couple of old cemeteries in the USA, the first USA cemetery to allow eco friendly "human composting", a police pursuit of a streaker in a cemetery, a timely warning about commonly hacked passwords, a charming video reflection on the great botanical illustrator Stan Kelly, another art exhibition, this time in a crematorium, Christine Smyth's journey into talk back radio, cemetery fee hikes in New Zealand, a UK cemetery opening a section for sports fans, and much more...

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  • With their long-dead inhabitants remembered only foggily, historic cemeteries like Mount Auburn and Green-Wood use art to connect to the living, according to an article in at

  • It was heartening to receive a media release from  Andover (UK) where a business currently constructing a crematorium is encouraging locals to take part in a creative challenge to have their works of art displayed.