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  • A different way log in on the CCANSW website

    dog frustratedWe're testing a different way to log in on the CCANSW website, which may be good news for those who have difficulty with passwords.

  • CCANSW Delegates: Try not to guess forgotten passwords...

    ... reset them instead.

    When you've forgotten your password, five successive failed login attempts will get your account locked  for 24 hours. We do not do this to frustrate or annoy you, but to avoid having the site or server hacked, which has happened a couple of times in the past. It is a hassle restoring everything after a hack,  and may cause the loss of a little content. Your Association also wants to keep certain information & data as secure as it possibly can, particularly the document storage area.

    So, if you're struggling to remember your password it is best to request a reset before you get to the third guess. Information about resetting a lost or forgotten password is here.

    You could also use the password manager in your web browser to remember your passwords. Browser password managers are generally reasonably secure these days.





  • How can I recover or reset my password?

    If you have forgotten your password or want to reset it, the process is simple:

    1. Open the LOGIN form at the website. You'll find it in the footer of each page or on the LOGIN panelon the members only page (
    2. Click "Forgot your password?"
    3. Enter the email address you are registered with on the website.
    4. Submit the form

    You should receive an email message containing a link to a page where you enter a new password.




  • How do I login on the CCANSW website?

    There are two ways to login a on the CCANSW website:

    Traditional User name & password form

    1. Click the LOGIN link. There is one in the footer of each page on the website or in the Login panel on the members only site.
    2. Type your user name into the USER field- note that you may also use the email address you used to register on the website
    3. Enter your password
    4. Click the LOG IN or OK button

    If the details were correct, you'll be logged in

    Use an emailed token to login

    1. Locate the EMAIL LOGIN panel on the website
    2. Type the email address you used to register on the website into the email field
    3. Click the "Login/ Register" button

    You will be emailed a message containing a special link. When you click the link in the message you will logged in automatically.

     Read this if you wan to reset your password or need to recover it.

  • Logging in

    I notice from the server logs that quite a few of you continue to have issues logging in. A couple of quick tips; you can use your email address in lieu of your user name. You can also use the "Login by Email" option to log in without a password. More info here....