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Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW - News & Updates

  • CCANSW Members Alert - Progress on the Universal Search Engine

    I have placed a file note in the Members Only site explaining where we are at with the Universal Search Engine project. You'll need a Members' login to access the document here.

  • Genealogy

  • National Library of Australia's Cemetery Records

    Locating the last resting places of our family and forebears can be an important aspect of our genealogical research. For many, it will eventually lead to a journey to those places and to the exact spot to to pay their respects, often to kin we may have never met but with whom we have a forever bond. Sometimes the search for these places can be easy but often it may lead just to the cemetery gates. It may all depend on the availability and access to the appropriate documentation. For this reason, this guide provides some hints and suggestions to facilitate your research into finding the last resting places of those important to you.

  • The CCANSW Universal Search Engine Project

    emoji search glassThe CCANSW has proposed a universal burial and cremation record search engine. The concerns & apprehensions that  burial and cremation authorities and  record keepers might have about the proposal are addressed at the outset; The CCANSW understands and appreciates the efforts, investment and dedication record keepers have invested  in their systems, so it is important to state up front that it is not the CCANSW's intent to "harvest" and store data. Instead it proposes to search other sites. The result of the search would then be displayed to the user as a simple link which will direct the user to the site or domain that contains the actual data. There would be no loss of traffic to the data container's domain. In fact, traffic should increase. Essentially, the user access to the data will always be determined by the record keeper.

  • Where can I search for or find burial and cremation records?

    What resources are available in Australia to search for records of deceased persons?