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    CCANSW Classified Advertisments reach out to

    • the thousand or so visitors that come the CCANSW web site every day
    • most cemeteries & crematoria operators in New South Wales, and many more interstate and internationally.
    • many associated and affiliated businesses such as funeral directors, masonry service providers and suppliers, industry manufacturers & suppliers, government agencies etc
    • volunteer groups & individuals
    • our strong following on social media, especially Twitter and Linked in
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  • Lack of competition in ad tech affecting publishers, advertisers and consumers

    A lack of competition and transparency in the digital advertising technology supply chain is impacting publishers, advertisers and consumers and needs to be addressed, according to the interim report for the ACCC’s Digital advertising services inquiry, released today.

    The report examines the digital display advertising supply chain in Australia, which enables the near instantaneous delivery of $3.4 billion of digital display advertising opportunities on news, entertainment and other websites and apps each year. Digital advertising is, in essence, how consumers’ attention and data are monetised.