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COVIDSafe Legal Compliance Webinar

Web Conferencing (Webinars)
2020-11-11 12:00

Legal Webinar: COVID NORMAL ?
What are my COVIDSafe Legal Compliance obligations for  
Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of New South Wales Inc. ?

Yesterday we sent out an Open Webinar invitation.  Due to the numbers of attendees and times we will be running this over the next 2 weeks.

Everyone is talking about COVID Normal.  What does this mean for your Agency? 
As people look at returning to work, Agencies will rely even more on their COVIDSafe Plans and Systems.

  • But what are your legal compliance obligations?
  • What are other Not For Profit Agencies doing?

COVIDSafe Legal Compliance Webinars
Since February 2020,  Kaizen Synergy Law Firm has been running COVID19 legal compliance webinars.  These Webinars and the Resources have all been made freely available to the public and can be seen on our Youtube Channel.   This has been a huge and  valuable resource for many many Not For Profit Agencies like Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of New South Wales Inc..  

Is there a Cost?
There is no cost to join and you are able to answer questions during the session.

Do you have any COVID Legal Questions you want answered?
Simply contact us by email or phone and let us know any COVID legal questions you have.  We will look to raise this during the session.

What will I get by attending this Legal Compliance webinar?
By attending you will get:

  1. Answers  What is COVID NORMAL for you and  Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of New South Wales Inc.?
  2. Access to your Dashboard to use COVIDSafe Tools required to keep  your personnel safe and
  3. Clear understanding of your legal compliance obligations in a COVID Normal world.

Real-Life Cases to explain Legal issues
We will be using REAL LIFE Case Studies to show you what to do - so you can be prepared.  This includes Agencies that have been in "hotspots" and the REAL LIFE Legal Compliance strategies they have been using.

Webinar Information
DATE: Wednesday 11th of November
AT: Midday (AEST)

Register for the Webinar now.

Contact Us if you have any Legal questions
If you have any legal questions please email or call me directly.


Nihal Samara JD MPH BSc
General Counsel & Legal Director
Kaizen Synergy Law Chambers
Suite 10
Midway Arcade
974 Main Road 
Eltham VIC 3095


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