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Atlas Obscura: Kyiv Crematorium

The incineration of bodies was a controversial topic in Ukraine in the 1960s, after the horrors of the Holocaust during World War II and particularly the Nazi massacre at Babi Yar. The topic had just started to be discussed publicly when this odd-shaped neomodernist concrete crematorium was built in Kyiv.

Wadi-us-Salaam - the world's largest cemetery

It's the largest cemetery in the world, said to have been providing for daily burials for over 1,400 years. Wadi-us-Salaam, which translates as 'Valley of Peace', is an Islamic cemetery located in the Shia holy city of Najaf, Iraq. The cemetery covers 1,485.5 acres (601.16 ha; 6.01 km2; 2.32 sq mi) and contains tens of millions of bodies. It also attracts millions of pilgrims annually.

Waikumete Cemetery, Glen Eden, Auckland

West Auckland may be better associated with black sand beaches and bogans that spring blooms, but Waikumete Cemetery - New Zealand's largest - is said to have one of the best collections of South African wildflowers - the "jewels of the veld" - outside South Africa. Initially planted atop graves of South African migrants, the baby pink angel's trumpets, bright orange tritonia, blue and purple baboon flowers, white chincherinchee and multi-hued African corn lilies now pop up all over the place between September and December.

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