Dale Hill Natural Burial Ground in Spondon, Derby , is a woodland burial ground that has been allowed to grow naturally into a calming space for bereaved families who want to arrange a green funeral.

The woodland burial ground sits within the Locko Park Estate and is available for natural burials, cremations and interment of ashes. In keeping with the ethos of the site, only biodegradable coffins, shrouds and urns must be used for the green funeral.

This growing woodland at one of Derbyshire’s most charming historic estates is bringing peace to families and friends suffering the loss of a loved one - and helping the environment.

Dale Hill is being transformed by memorial trees and natural burials which are helping to redevelop the stunning countryside as well as care for the deceased.

Memories live on as indigenous trees such as oak, crab apple, field maple and silver birch are planted and then grow to enhance the rural beauty spot its wildlife.

A Certificate of Cremation is required before families can have an interment of ashes.

Open to all backgrounds, faiths and beliefs, Dale Hill is happy to accommodate any type of funeral, whether it is a graveside ceremony, a traditional service or a private ceremony led by the family. Families can choose to plant a memorial tree in the woodland area from a list of options such as crab apple, silver birch, hornbeam, holly, hazel and lime. Stone plaques can also be erected at the graveside but these need to be purchased from the site’s supplier.









About Dale Hill

Dale Hill has been part of the Locko Park Estate for over 250 years, making a committed to preserving the integrity of the area in perpetuity.

At Dale Hill Natural Burial Ground we are creating a special place of enduring beauty within a geologically sound environment. However, unlike some other burial grounds, we are not burying in existing woodland, or preserving grazing land; we are creating a nature reserve, which is being developed not just through sensitive planting and careful management, but with each and every memorial established. Bodies are not subjected to any type of chemical preservation process, such as embalming, and only bio-degradable coffins, urns, or shrouds are used.

Dale Hill will be developed gradually and in harmony with the current ecosystem of the area by ensuring that only indigenous species of trees and flowers are planted.

We hope to create a peaceful and calming setting which is an alternative to the traditional cemeteries and which gives families a memorable and uplifting funeral experience.

Dale Hill is open to all: and whether you are using a funeral director or not, having a religious ceremony, a secular ceremony, or no ceremony at all, any type of personal belief, faith, or culture can easily be accommodated. Each burial is therefore unique and personal.