St. Finbarr's Cemetery (Irish: Reilig Naomh Fionn Barra) in Cork, Ireland, is the city's largest and one of the oldest cemeteries in Ireland which is still in use. It was first opened in the 1860s. The entrance gateway was erected circa 1865, and the mortuary chapel consecrated in 1867.


Many of the early burials were of the wealthy citizens of the city. Unlike older cemeteries, St. Finbarr's was professionally laid out with numbered pathways and wide avenues.

Among those buried at St. Finbarr's Cemetery are hurler and Taoiseach Jack Lynch; the sculptor Seamus Murphy, the antiquarian Richard Rolt Brash who was among the first to decipher writing in the ancient Ogham writing style; and Cork's first Lord Mayor Daniel Hegarty.

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St. Finbarr's contains one of the largest burial plots of Irish Republicans who died during the 1920s. There are also more recent burials of members of the Provisional IRA and the Official IRA. This is known as the Cork Republican Plot, and among those buried there are former Lords Mayor of Cork Terence McSwiney and Tomás Mac Curtain, hunger striker Joseph Murphy. In the early hours of 17th March 1963, in protest at the unveiling later that day of a monument in the Republican Plot by President De Valera, IRA volunteers Desmond Swanton and Jeremiah Madden attempted to blow up the monument. However, during this attempt there was an explosion which killed Swanton and severely injured Madden (who lost an eye and a leg). [5] Other republicans who are buried at St. Finbarr's, but not in the Republican Plot, include Flying Column leader Tom Barry, former government minister James J. Walsh and Dan "Sandow" O'Donovan. Commemorations of the 1916 Rising are held annually at the Republican Plot on Easter Sunday by various groups including Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil, the Workers' Party of Ireland and Republican Sinn Féin.

It also contains a mass grave where 72 women who died at St. Vincent's, Peacock Lane, a Magdalene Laundry, are buried.

Musicians Corner

There is a small section in the middle of the graveyard known as Musician’s Corner containing the burial of some who contributed  to the arts in Cork and further afield.

Buried in Musician’s Corner is pianist Charles Lynch, Composer Sir Arnold Bax, renowned Professor of Music Aloys Fleischman, Sean Neeson, the first Director of Radio Eireann in Cork, and famed ballet teacher Joan Denise Moriarty.


The records of some 6000 burials in St Finbarr's are available on the Cork Archives Website

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