Loyasse Cemetery (French: Cimetière de Loyasse) is a cemetery in the city of Lyon, France. The cemetery is located on the Fourvière hill in the western part of the city, not far away from the Metallic tower of Fourvière and Notre-Dame de Fourvière.

Created in 1812, the first modern cemetery in Lyon covers 12 ha and has 30,000 graves and 200 chapels and monuments. The Loyasse is one of the most prestigious and historic cemeteries in the region. Inside are thousands of tombs and graves that date back to the early 19th century. It includes the funeral monuments of a number of famous locals: Edouard Herriot, Puvis de Chavanne, Pierre Bossan etc.

Planned by the Architect Joseph Gay, thecemetery is known as” 4 winds cemetery” (St Just cemetery former name) because of its geographic location, indeed it is placed on the elevated plateau of the Town (Fourvière area) and overhangs Lyon’s center. It is the older cemetery of Lyon, the second notable in France, well-known for its architecture and historical monuments. The most famous tombs, which is flowered all the year is Maître Anthelme Philippe’s, a famous thaumaturgy who made healings and gave cares to the Russian Imperial family.


Around the cemetery are beautiful vaults complete with statues and intricately stained glasses. The cemetery is also believed to be the location where Lyon physician, Jean Lacassagne gave a speech on the hygiene involved with burying the dead. In the past, a special tramway was constructed to bring coffins from the foot of the hill to the cemetery. However today all that remains are the old rails on the floor outside the entrance. 

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