West Auckland may be better associated with black sand beaches and bogans that spring blooms, but Waikumete Cemetery - New Zealand's largest - is said to have one of the best collections of South African wildflowers - the "jewels of the veld" - outside South Africa. Initially planted atop graves of South African migrants, the baby pink angel's trumpets, bright orange tritonia, blue and purple baboon flowers, white chincherinchee and multi-hued African corn lilies now pop up all over the place between September and December.

 6199518911 67a8ba983c b (Custom)The 132-year old cemetery also serves as a sanctuary to several threatened species of orchid, grasses and a creeper. Exploring its 125 hectares, which make it one of the largest public parks in the Auckland region, you'll also come across the cute Chapel of Faith in the Oaks, built in 1886, and memorials to victims of the Holocaust, 1979 Erebus disaster and 1918 influenza epidemic.