CCANSW Classified Advertisments reach out to

  • the thousand or so visitors that come the CCANSW web site every day
  • most cemeteries & crematoria operators in New South Wales, and many more interstate and internationally.
  • many associated and affiliated businesses such as funeral directors, masonry service providers and suppliers, industry manufacturers & suppliers, government agencies etc
  • volunteer groups & individuals
  • our strong following on social media, especially Twitter and Linked in

When you place a Classified Advertisement with us, 

  • you get a featured web page of up to 500 words and up to SIX bitmap file images.
    • Your advertisment remains active for FOUR weeks or until you cancel, whichever is sooner
  • you get a bitmap image slide featured on most CCANSW domain web pages
    • The image slide links to your Classified Advertisment
    • The image slide is displayed for three seconds at least once every 18 seconds
  • your advertisment is featured in the CCANSW weekly newsletter on the Sunday/ Monday after publication.
  • your advertisment is shared with our social media connections and followers on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

How to place your CCANSW Advertisment

Classified Advertisment Fees

Terms of Use

  • Payment is required before publication
  • The Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW reserves the right to decide whether a submitted advertisment is suitable for publishing on its website
  • The CCANSW Website Policy shall apply
  • The CCANSW website Privacy Policy shall apply


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