Walsall Council's Bereavement Services Team are seeking to replace their existing cemetery and crematorium management software and standalone data sources with a more modern solution.

tender alertThe aims of this project are to increase back office efficiency, provide better core back office administration for burials and cremations including memorial, finance and statistics; provide an internet booking system for Funeral Directors

The scope of the project covers all cemetery and crematorium sites owned or managed by Walsall Council, which currently numbers one (1) crematorium incorporating two (2) chapels and eight (8) cemeteries.

Approximately 2000 burials and 2200 cremations take place annually. The Council currently uses a semi-bespoke software system "CAS" Cemetery and Crematorium Administration System) to manage the daily flow for the cemeteries and crematorium activities, and seeks to replace this with a modern alternative which is fully compatible with the Council's current IT Strategy.

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