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The CCANSW blogs are observations and opinions from the CCANSW Registered Website Users.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in these blogs are not necessarly those of the CCANSW nor are they endorsed by the CCANSW.

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Since the pandemic began many of the CCANSW  sponsors, supporters and connections have co-ordinated webinars to help keep you informed and up to date with industry initiatives, trends and progress. The webinars have also kept us connected. However, often we receive notifications too late to make the CCANSW weekly news letter, so we've created a special mailing list for those of you who'd like to be informed ASAP when a webinar is scheduled in the CCANSW event calendar.

Posthumous Identity Theft

I have observed many times over the last ten or more years that we Australians seem just too relaxed about our online and digital privacy. We have little to no reservations about leaving our personal information and photos strewn over social media and other online places. And ever more frequently it enables or assists identity theft. As if that isn't bad enough, now I am alerted to another level of ID theft; "posthumous ID theft".

Technology journalist Paul Bischof,  writing for CompareITech, asks what happens when an identity is stolen after a person has passed away? Often, no one notices due to the natural grieving process and the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities that come with settling a person’s estate:

CCANSW News Notes

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The CCANSW News Site hasn't be very active this week, mainly because our feeds are overwhelmed with COVID19 related items that mostly have already been comprehensively covered in the main stream media.  You are probably aware of them. I have therefore taken a decision to focus  on mostly relaying news that affects the New South Wales and Australian industry in an COVID-19 context.


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