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Senior church and religious officials running NSW cemeteries and crematoriums are preparing for a significant shake-up of the sector, with the government shortly expected to release two landmark reports into the industry, according to this report by Samantha Hutchinson, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Inaccurate to Impeccable Data – How Macedon Transformed Its Documentation with Cemetery Mapping Software

Macedon Cemetery holds a special place in the hearts of the residents of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia. The historical significance of its past lives on through Macedon’s monuments and headstones, creating an enduring, living history which contributes positively to the social and cultural heritage of its surroundings. The past permeates into the present at Macedon Cemetery, where stone and exquisite flora come together to bring an experience to visitors of this cemetery.

Takeshi Kosaka Architects has renovated a grave within a church cemetery in Japan’s kanagawa prefecture. located near the city of Yokohama, the relatively large plot occupies 30 square meters (323 square feet). the brief called for a wide, open platform at ground level to perform ceremonies, while a previously existing underground space is to be used as a shared burial chamber where only certain church workers will enter.

NSW Crown Lands announced it is collaborating with the Institute of Community Directors Australia to deliver a CLM Governance Development training program (the program) for all NSW Crown land managers (CLMs). The program is launching next week and will continue into 2021.