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Funeral directors want exemption from AU Governments $10K Cash Limit

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From the Sydney Mornning Herald: Australian funeral directors have demanded an exemption from the government's proposed ban on $10,000 cash payments, claiming the policy could hit grieving people "at the lowest point in their lives".  The Australian Funeral Directors Association sent answers to questions from the Senate economics committee reviewing the laws this week, claiming some funeral directors receive up to 20 per cent of their payments for funerals in cash, while about 6 per cent of funerals costing over $10,000 are paid this way.

2020 Award of Excellence - Nominations Now Called

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Nominations are now open for the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of NSW (CCANSW) 2020 Award of Excellence.

Encouraging Excellence

The CCANSW Award of Excellence was created by the CCANSW to promote and encourage excellence in the Cemetery and Crematoria industry.

The award recognises an individual, team or organisation whose:

  • Innovation and creative advances in process, product, marketing or industry support advances the standards of the industry, or
  • Long-term contribution to the industry provides inspiration and example for others to follow and aspire to.

TASMANIA: Penguin Cemetery fundraiser to 'accept and include' the dead who built Penguin

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At least 100 Penguin residents and friends will be raising their glasses to the dead in early February, according to The Advocate newsite.

They will be feasting and drinking and no doubt cracking a few grave jokes at the Penguin General Cemetery on February 8, in a fundraiser to help improve and beautify the coastal township.

Waterfall (Garrawarra or Garrawanna) Cemetery, NSW, AU

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Waterfall General Cemetery – also known as Garrawarra (or Garrawanna) Cemetery – is located north west of Helensburgh, in the northern-most part of the Wollongong local government area.  This cemetery was used from 1909 to 1949 as a burial site for over 2000 tuberculosis patients from the nearby Waterfall Sanatorium, which operates today as the Garrawarra Centre for Aged Care.

ED: different NSW government and historical sources refer to the site as GARRAWARRA or GARRAWANNA. We are unclear as to which is correct.