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Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW member and innovative  Geelong engineering company Austeng is set to play a lead role in showing how renewable hydrogen can reduce the environmental impact of the cremation process

Austeng has received a State Government grant to investigate the feasibility of modifying or replacing crematoria furnaces, traditionally powered by gas, with hydrogen-powered alternatives.

Professor Tamara Kohn, Professor Michael Arnold, Dr Fraser Allison, Dr Hannah Gould, Samuel Holleran, University of Melbourne; and Professor Alex Broom, University of Sydney argue Australia’s death-care system is already showing cracks, but the pressures will only worsen, especially as the baby boomer generation takes us into ‘peak death’.

Critical workers from certain sectors isolating as close contacts will be permitted to leave self-isolation to attend work if they have no symptoms of COVID-19.

Workers will only be eligible to leave self-isolation if their employer determines that their absence from the workplace poses a high risk of disruption to the delivery of critical services or activities, and they are unable to work from home.

Recently, CCANSW wrote to the Australian Standards Technical Committee for “AS 4204 – Headstone and cemetery monuments” seeking clarification of a number of definitions in the Standard after a number of issues were raised by a member.  The measurement of the “overall height of the headstone” was of particular concern as our member had encountered some debate about the correct method.  Noting that the height of the headstone determines the size of the dowels used - a critical safety feature of modern monuments – we urge Operators to review the following and consult with Masons working in your sites to ensure that everyone is on the same page on these matters.

A summary of all the queries raised is listed below along with the corresponding page in the AS 4204 document (if applicable).


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