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Hart Island contains New York City's 131-acre (0.53 km2) potter's field, or public cemetery. The potter's field is variously described as the largest tax-funded cemetery in the United States, the largest-such in the world, and one of the largest mass graves in the United States. At least 850,000 have been buried on the island, though since the 2000s, the burial rate has declined to fewer than 1,500 a year.[ One-third of annual burials are infants and stillborn babies, which has been reduced from a proportion of one-half since the Children's Health Insurance Program began to cover all pregnant women in New York State in 1997. According to a 2006 New York Times article, there had been 1,419 burials at the potter's field during the previous year: of these, 826 were adults, 546 were infants and stillborn babies, and 47 were dismembered body parts.

As we look back on what has probably been a difficult year for most, the Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW (CCANSW)  can nevertheless report that it has been able to continue to coordinate and deliver its training programme and that it has scheduled a conference & trade exhibition for May 2021. It has also delivered its commentary in relation IPART's – Review of Interment Costs and Pricing in NSW Cemeteries and  Review of Competition Costs and Pricing in the Funeral Industry. The Association's membership continues to grow and, as always, the CCANSW is extremely grateful for the generous support  provided by it's sponsors.