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ABC News reports that grave concern has been raised over council-approved "paranormal investigation" tours at Ipswich General Cemetery, west of Brisbane.  Two historians say visitors being charged up to $70 each to participate in a "ghost  tour" to explore allegedly haunted sites, "armed with devices custom made for ghost hunting", is disrespectful.

Step inside the funeral home that’s transforming the way we do death.

Six years ago, with a group of community volunteers, Jenny Briscoe-Hough founded Tender Funerals, a not-for-profit funeral service in Port Kembla.

Tender has a mission to provide personalised and affordable funerals, and to demystify the funeral process and put it back in the hands of the grieving.

Filmed over 10 months, this episode follows the experiences of people who used Tender to look after their deceased loved one, providing an extraordinarily intimate view of a process we rarely get to see.