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A Blog Page has more benefits than you might realise, says Matt Frazer

We subscribe to Matt Frazer's "Frazer Newslettter". It often has interesting information about how our industry can or does successfully engage with clients using the technology of the internet.

Matt Frazer has now created an ebook that discusses why and how your website should include a blog. What he writes will apply as much to progressive cemetery & crematorium managers as funeral directors:

How to Create a Successful Blog for Your Funeral Home

To build relationships with families, your funeral home needs to continue engaging with them before and after the funeral. One way to do this is through blogging. By establishing a blog for your funeral home, you create an excellent tool for sharing information and connecting with your community.

In this eBook, we’ll discuss the key components of a successful blog, writing tips, blog topic ideas, and more!

Matt Frazer's website and the ebook are linked here:

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