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OpusXenta: How events can create a new revenue stream for cemeteries

Many cemeteries are facing reduced revenue due to the decreasing rates of burial in Australia and most other Western countries. Burials alone are often not providing enough revenue to maintain the cemetery grounds and infrastructure. But there are ways to diversify revenue streams by using cemeteries and their facilities for more than just funerals and burials. For the larger cemeteries who are big enough to have conference style facilities it is an easy step to offer events such as weddings, conferences, tours, etc. But for the smaller cemetery struggling to maintain the grounds such events are not possible.

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Blog: "I did it my way" or "It's only rock'n'roll, and I like it"

Now I ain't makin' no excuses for the many things I uses
Just to sweeten my relationships and brighten up my day
But when my earthly race is over and I'm ready for the clover
And they ask me how my life has been I guess I'll have to say
I was stoned and I missed it
I was stoned and I missed it
I was stoned and it rolled right by
I was stoned and I missed it
I was stoned and I missed it
I was stoned oh me oh my

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Local strategic planning statements – a missing piece in the planning puzzle!

Earlier this year the amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 introduced a new layer into the strategic planning hierarchy in NSW. Councils are now required under the Act to prepare a ‘local strategic planning statement’ or LSPS for their local area.

Now, regional local councils still have some time to comply with this new obligation – with the deadline being 1 July 2020. Whilst that might seem a while off, there are steps that we suggest you should now be taking to get ready for the change.

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