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Background Briefing on Funerals

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation "Background Briefing" program ran a two part series last year entitled "Bury, burn or compost?"

"There's a boom in funerals around the corner as the Boomers face mortality, but neither cemeteries nor crematoria are eco-friendly. The business of burials is beginning to adapt, and so are their future customers. Reporter Ian Townsend."

The transcripts of the program are available online at the ABC.

What Shariah says about burial

After reading this article I decided to google a bit to gain a bit more insight:

I also remember hearing on radio the other day that recent studies somwhere found the niches in many mosque  walls that determinate the qiblah to be oriented incorrectly. If anyone is familiar with the study maybe they could post the link?

High-tech search on for unmarked Indigenous graves

ABC News reports a team of archaeologists and community members will use cutting edge technology to locate unmarked Aboriginal graves in Albany on the southern Western Australia coast.

Geophysical equipment will be used at the Albany Memorial Cemetery to find and mark the graves without having to dig up any soil.

Project coordinator David Guilfoyle says the cemetery was the first of its kind in WA and estimates some of the graves could date back to the mid-1800s.




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