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Cootamundra History Society documents local cemetery

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COOTAMUNDRA History Society Inc has put together an updated inscription of the Cootamundra Cemetery, which has been published in a book.

The book came off the press last week and can now be purchased.

The publication shows all of the writing and names of those buried in each section or those cremated which appear on the columbarium wall at the Cootamundra Cemetery.

It took a number of years for the members of the History Society to collate the information.

One of the book’s coordinators Betti Punnett said all members took it in turns to write down what was written on each tombstone and memorial plaque.

The inscriptions of the Cootamundra Cemetery had not been updated since 1992


From the Cootamundra Herald. Click here for the full article

QLD vows to toughen laws to prevent dodgy funeral operators

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funeral_director_hugA Sunday Mail investigation alleges that rogue funeral operators are ignoring public health risks and ripping off grieving families.

Attorney-General Paul Lucas said yesterday that a mandatory, state-sanctioned code of conduct would help clean up the industry.

An industry whistleblower and another long-term legitimate operator detailed how dodgy funeral operators:

  • Stuff into coffins infectious waste material containing bodily fluids to save money in infectious waste collection;
  • Refuse to dress bodies, throwing clothes provided by grieving families into coffins;
  • Risk a mix-up of bodies by transporting deceased to other parts of the state for funeral preparation;
  • Slug parents burying a child with the cost of an adult-size coffin.


Funeral operators could be made to meet strict new standards to be enforced with penalties for the first time.


Continue here to read the full story...

UK: Body implants recycled for death-related charities

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These pieces of metalwork may look like they were used to keep a barn door in place, but they had much more personal application for those who once wore them.

They are orthopaedic implants, like the thousands surgeons insert into patients every year to hold battered, broken and failing bodies together.

The reason these have a less than pristine look about them is because, like their former owners, they have just been through a furnace.

They were recovered, by hand, from the ashes of the cremated.

That is just the start of a process that raises thousands of pounds every year for charities that deal with some aspect of death and bereavement, as well as helping to improve recycling rates.

Building for the dead: cemeteries and the landscape

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From the ABC's "By Design" Program: Burial places are among the earliest works of human architecture. More than any other designed landscape, cemeteries communicate the social and metaphysical ideas of their communities. Poised between past and future, life and death, material and spiritual, earth and heaven, cemeteries are repositories rich in meaning and architectural impact.


Warning: USA focus



UK: Redditch crematorium pool-heating plan wins green award

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green_burialThe BBC reports:  "Sick" plans to use waste energy from a crematorium in Worcestershire to heat a council swimming pool have won a national award for being green.

Redditch Borough Council approved the plans in February to heat the 25m pool at Abbey Stadium Leisure Centre using energy from the town's crematorium.

It estimated the crematorium would meet 42% of the centre's heating demands.

Union Unison said the plan was "sick" and "insulting". The Green Organisation said its award praised green practices.

(However), more than 100 British companies and organisations were nominated for the award and previous winners have included Marks and Spencer and Severnside Recycling.


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