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Tasmanian Greens leader on the Burial & Cremation Bill 2019.

The Leader of the Greens in the Tasmanian Parliament, Cassy O'Connor, told the Tasmania Parliament that funerals are extraordinarily expensive and that the Greens are agnostic about public or private ownership of cemeteries.

Speaking to the second reading of the Burial and Cremation Bill 2019. Ms. O'Connor claimed that the cost of funerals is extraordinarily high,  acknowledged community concerns about the protection of cemeteries, particularly Anglican  cemeteries, and that the Greens "...want an amendment to clause 32, which we amend by leaving out the words 'from a state or a council' in subclause (2), which means we are agnostic as to whether it is public or private property."

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Graduate Studies for Cemetery Administrators Finally Here!

Professional cemetery education is finally here. From early 2020, Deakin University will offer a Graduate Certificate in Cemetery Practice. This new industry-specific course is designed to build essential knowledge and skills for those striving to lead professional cemetery practices.

Admission to the program is offered exclusively to those actively engaged in cemeteries, crematoria and memorial parks. A previous tertiary qualification is not essential. Deakin’s on-line study mode offers ready access from anywhere within Australia or overseas.

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Jerusalem's Har HaMenuchot Cemetery

Har HaMenuchot, literally "Mount of Those who are Resting" and also known as Givat Shaul Cemetery),  is the largest cemetery in Jerusalem, Israel. The hilltop burial ground lies at the western edge of the city adjacent to the neighborhood of Givat Shaul, with commanding views of Mevaseret Zion to the north, Motza to the west, and Har Nof to the south. It opened in 1951 and now contains well over 150,000 interments.

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Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW (CCNSW) is a statutory agency supporting and regulating the interment industry, assessing interment needs and developing planning strategies for cemetery space. CCNSW also provides information to the public.

CCNSW was created in 2014 under the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013.

CCNSW is a member of the Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW

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