green burialBack in August 2016 we told you about Jane Pickard who offered two of 16 hectares of her property near Armidale (NSW) to be the site for a natural burial ground.

The Armidale Express recently carried and article reporting on progress at the site;

AT an unsuspecting property just outside of Armidale an unlikely project is in the works – the regions first natural burial ground. Banded Bee Farm is owned by Jane Pickard and Ray South who are on a mission to restore 50 per cent of the property back to native vegetation without the use of herbicides.


“What we’re all about is trying to develop and live sustainable lives and that includes how you’re going to be buried, the way most burials happen now with a lot of non-biodegradable stuff and a lot of toxic chemicals going into the ground with the bodies it just doesn’t seem right to me,” Ms Pickard said.

“A dead body is a resource, biologically speaking as it breaks down it can feed trees – it just seemed like a natural thing to do and it seems absolutely perfect.”

The pair have planted more than 500 native plants on the property in an effort to restore the Saumarez Creek bed and reestablish biodiversity.

“It’s very important for the health of creeks to have an intact ecosystem either side and at the moment along all of Saumarez Creek you would struggle to find a native plant,” Ms Pickard said.

For the pair to be able to host the burial ground on their property there are also a number of legislative stipulations.

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