The descendants and friends of the Round Plain Cemetery and Church are currently undertaking plans to hold a 150th Celebration at the Round Plain Cemetery during the Easter Weekend - 10/4/20 - 13/4/20.

Although plans are only in the early stages currently it is hoped to hold a Service at the church, to have the Moderator and other dignitaries at the occasions. Hold a luncheon in the grounds and have a tree planting by some of the descendants.

On 30th March 1869 Rev. W Baker laid the foundation stone for the first Presbyterian Church in the Cooma District of Monaro at Round Plain. The land had been granted by the Crown for Presbyterian purposes. The Church was completed in 12 months. Rev. William Baker, with William Oliver, William Jardine and Archibald McPhie were in attendance as the Elders for the dedication on the 10th April 1860. The Church was restored by dedicated descendants of the founders, friends and the congregation in 1960.