A simple memorial at the Cemetery during a time when often there is nothing.

Dearly interim memorials are a temporary memorial for the time between the burial and the permanent marker placement.

  • Something for the family during a difficult time from the Cemetery or Memorial Park.
  • They provide a simple memorial during a time when often there is nothing.
  • Delivered in time for a funeral in most cases.
  • Suitable to package with cremation collections for the family.
  • The family can take them home for their own garden or special place after the permanent memorial is in place.
  • They can assist in the location of the grave in the cemetery for visitors.
  • They are an interim memorial and will only be permitted for a stated period of time within a cemetery.
  • A revenue stream for a Cemetery or Memorial Park where previously there wasn't one.
  • The memorial can also mark an ‘at home’ place to reflect.
  • Standard template engraving with deceased details, dates, cemetery logo and plot location make ordering easy.
    Simple online ordering.
  • Different sizes and options available, small (shown 150H x 160W with 130mm spike), large plain, vine or gum leaf laser cut (330H X 160W with 130mm spike) as well as flat beam options.
  • Price range ($85 - $160 +GST) per plaque plus xpress postage.
  • The memorials are made from aluminium, powder coated, are very durable, light and are delivered quickly (within 5 working days).
  • They will not rust, fade or tarnish and have a long life span.
  • They look crisp, modern and neat along a row or in a garden area.
  • Locally produced and manufactured in Ballarat, Victoria.

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