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Immersive Digital Cemetery Software Obtains Facelift 2.0

Chronicle Announces Fully-Upgraded Interactive Mapping System

June 19, 2019 - Melbourne, Australia - Chronicle, a visually focused cloud-based cemetery management and mapping software, designed specifically with the top-down approach has received a major facelift.  It's a simple solution for cemeteries, specialising in interactive mapping technology, that is pleased to announce Chronicle 2.0.

A simple, affordable and modern cemetery software solution, this was Chronicle’s initial mindset.  Over time, its user-friendly design for both cemeteries to manage and the community to view data, has evolved.  Now, with their recent upgrade, Chronicle is able to provide a more memorable immersive experience on our mission towards connecting memories through meaningful innovation.

Founder, Matthew Borowski says, “Think of when White Pages created their online presence.  They simply slapped their database of businesses and places onto the web. Meanwhile, many Cemetery Software Management companies do something similar.“

“They simply link a couple of maps to the database as an afterthought and say, here it is.”

“Fast forward a few years, where is the White pages now?”

“It fell victim to Google Maps; which contains all of the same information; as White Pages; except it is visually driven with beautiful interactive maps to drive the user experience.  These interactive maps have killed the old school style CRM databases.”

“This is our difference.”

Chronicle’s 2.0 major upgrade supercharged its already highly advanced computing system. Providing even higher-resolution imagery, both around and above cemeteries. This rejuvenated fresh new look has created a remarkable user-experience, bringing loved ones just that much closer to one another.

About Chronicle:

In its purest form, Chronicle is an overly simple cemetery management software designed to visually stimulate the everyday mundane tasks. Its primary function is constructed to promote community engagement; while safely securing all cemetery records.

For more information or to request full access to the Chronicle Demo Cemetery, visit their website;

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