You've likely seen grief expressed in countless different ways in your work. Of course, every person is different and our responses to a passing are as individual as we are. Yet in each case, it's an honour to support a family and their friends within those crucial days after a death, and through the burial, cremation or interment of ashes. It's meaningful work that adds deep and lasting value to our communities. Burials and cremations are steeped in tradition, yet families are increasingly looking for complementary, modern ways to memorialise their loved ones. Memories is the world's favourite place to remember a loved one, and today we support families through 1 in 4 deaths in Australia. Our research shows that online memorials help people to process their grief in a range of ways.

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Online memorials give people space to come to terms with loss

Here's what one customer told us about how he uses the Memories memorial he created for a family member:

"At the beginning I was going [to the memorial] every day. It was really, really helpful... and I mean, I still get very emotional when I read it. So I'm like, well, if I want to go cry, I'll go look at that."

In a culture where death remains a taboo subject, and expressions of emotion are still seen as undignified, it can be difficult for people to find space to experience the full range of feelings associated with the loss of a loved one. Our online memorials often become that space.

Online memorials give people a way to hold on

We often hear that a bereft person doesn't want to, or isn't ready to, let go of their loved one. An online memorial can help them hold on, by keeping concrete memories of their loved one at the ready. Says one customer:

"Thank you for allowing me to keep my memories of my mum at my fingertips on my phone. I love to have the ability to reminisce just when I need a pick-up."

Memories lets families upload photos, videos and stories about their loved one, and automatically arranges them into a Timeline of the person's life. You can imagine how comforting it is to scroll through your loved one's life story whenever you're missing them.

Online memorials give people the chance to give a loved one their due

"I think if dad was able to see his life mapped out like that, he’d be incredibly proud. He’d gone from basically being orphaned to being a business owner and a family man, and really well-respected. I think that journey needs to be documented. His legacy lives on for us.”

This comment reveals the true power of the Memories Timeline we mentioned above. This customer had constructed a detailed memorial that included a wealth of photos of his dad, right from his early childhood. The process of capturing all that his father achieved, and preserving his unique legacy for future generations, was deeply satisfying for this customer and his family.

Online memorials help people reconnect with family when support is needed

As we know, death — along with its associated legalities and emotions — can cause fissures in families to fracture. Perhaps unexpectedly, our online memorials have helped customers work through these difficult situations, as this customer explained.

“There were family differences that had to be resolved, but reflecting and seeing these photos online is a wonderful way to just bring us back to what's really important. So, the service that you provide is helpful on many deep universal levels for families.”

Helping families to be there for each other at this crucial moment is something our team is particularly proud of.

Online memorials give those without a physical resting place a virtual place of remembrance

As families increasingly opt for cremations without interment, they face the reality of having no physical location to visit when they need to grieve. As the flowers, photos and other items on the graves in every cemetery show, that can be a missed opportunity to process their loss.

"We don't have a graveyard where we could tell people that, you know, that's where his body was rested. So, let's just put the word out that there was this great man who we all loved, and this is what people thought about what he did. I feel that that's a befitting way of honouring his memory."

Even without a physical resting place, this customer speaks of the solace to be found at a virtual location where family and friends could take time to reflect on the life of their loved one.

Deepening your support

This research shows why more and more cemeteries and crematoria are becoming Memories partners: because we all want to provide the best support we can to those who are grieving.

Of course, reselling Memories online memorials provides a strong opportunity to add value (and profit) to your service offering even when a family doesn't want a physical memorial. It’s also an excellent way to support them through their grief long after the burial or cremation is complete. So, if you're interested to understand how you could add Memories to your offering, visit the Memories website.