Stay on top of your cemetery operations.

By integrating a new Events and Work Orders module to their cloud-based cemetery software platform, Chronicle shows their commitment to streamlining cemetery management processes.

 Melbourne, Australia:  For cemetery managers who want to simplify their everyday tasks and unique events, the latest in Chronicle cemetery software features adds a new dimension to their powerful platform. Being able to organise and track Events and Work Orders with this new feature offers a more holistic approach to cemetery resource management, as a whole. 

Chronicle has shown that their platform is able to evolve and adapt to suit the needs of the cemetery management industry, as well as the needs of their clients. Their ever-adaptive strategies have recently led to other developments, like their mobile-friendly update that allowed both cemetery administrators and the public to connect with the history of their community on a new, far more accessible level.

Now, with the latest Events and Work Orders feature, seamlessly integrating with the existing cemetery mapping software platform, Chronicle further demonstrates that they’re always constantly developing to accommodate the requirements of the industry. In fact, their developments and updates are also working to prove that the cemetery industry does not necessarily have to be a stagnant one, as it has become known.

About Chronicle:

Chronicle Rip Pty. Ltd. promotes community engagement and simplifies cemetery management with powerful, intuitive software.

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What of the new module? For cemetery managers, this integration makes work processes far simpler, intuitive, and accessible. It allows all information relevant to any cemetery event or work order to be accessed, added, and edited on the Chronicle mobile responsive cemetery software. 

For work orders, each process, including new burials, new graves to be dug, plaque installations, flower deliveries, and more, can be added to their relevant plot. The status of each work order can be tracked, allowing for other cemetery administrators to easily follow the process and stay informed. 

Events, like funeral services, can be planned accurately and in detail, too. Along with the relevant plot, time, and people involved, this cemetery admin feature also allows managers to include payment information. This allows all relevant details, including payment, to be neatly tied to specific events, as well as work order.

The Events and Work Orders feature can be accessed directly from the map, too: clicking on any individual plot will also present any relevant events, as well as allow managers to quickly add new work orders or events directly from the plot in question.

To gain an overview or for planning purposes, the Event Calendar feature is a great organisation tool which ties all these capabilities together.

More information and details about this update can be found on Chronicle’s Blog page.