The ABC News reports about  100 unmarked graves have been detected and identified in the cemetery of Capel, a small town in the south of Western Australia. The find completes nearly five years of dedicated work by volunteers in Capel who sought to learn more about their local cemetery.

Capel Cemetery (supplied)

The group set out to create a register of existing headstones in Capel cemetery in 2017 but soon realised the numbers "weren't quite adding up".

Capel District Cemeteries Project president Pertina Prowse said information gathered throughout the process of creating the register led the group to believe of the existence of unmarked graves.

The enthusiastic volunteers of the Capel District Cemeteries Group form the core of family members, local history buffs and the wider community keen to share the stories of those interred in the cemeteries of Capel Shire in the south west of Western Australia. Our work began in 2017 with the Capel Cemetery Survey. Over the past four years the group has worked at the Capel Cemetery and the Ron Maidment Archive Room in the Iluka Capel Library to compile a comprehensive register of the approximately 700 persons at rest in the Capel Cemetery. Since then this Register has been available to the public through the library and now, we are pleased to announce, via this website.

The group raised funding to employ a utility locator who deployed a ground penetrating radar over areas of the cemetery thought to contain remnants of either coffins or shrouds containing evidence of remains.

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